Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oops! Jealous Nail Enamel by Jolin Tsai

Hi Fans of Nail Art!

Presenting Oops! J Nail Enamel by Jolin Tsai Yi Lin, a range of striking beautiful nail colours, created none other than Jolin Tsai and learn how to work on your own nail art!

Princess of Nail Art - Jolin Tsai
As a crazed lover of nail varnish, Jolin often hunt for a uniqueness in nail bottles during overseas shopping sprees. With all these years of shopping experience, Jolin developed and branded OOPS! JEALOUS. Details of creation have never been compromised. From the design of the bottle to the shades within, it has been carefully crafted and splendidly designed to give you unpredictable desirous gazes from others. Apply it on your nails and be reborn into a princess, attracting envious stares!! To further excite your senses, the packaging of Oops! J has been designed with a touch of sweetness. Its contents hold a hint of mystery, awaiting the chance to transform your fingers into one of the most stunning pieces of artwork upon your command. This is the essence of OOPS! J. Included within this vast assortment of 92 shades from Oops! J, are the "Bling Bling" and "Mystic" Series. The "Bling Bling" series come complete with various shapes of glitter, ranging from strips to hexagons, creating a variety of lustrous magnificent effects. The "Mystic" series allow gradual changes of shades in colour, resulting in three fascinatingly different chromatic depths for one colour. For fashion trendsetters, Oops! J has also included a mixture of metallic shades, which are in fashion this year. A wide variety of the ever-popular tropical shades are also available for your everyday look. We want you to enjoy this new range of Jolin's products as much as she does!

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