Friday, June 19, 2009

Oops! J Bedazzled Nail Art Workshop @$55

Hide and Seek is launching its first Nailart workshop on 4th July. This is so exciting! Learn how to create nail art on nail tips and stick on the tips with your design to your own nails!

This is what some Japanese girls will do. They will have different set of nail art designed tips and they will choose a set that matches with their outfit for that day and stick on temporarily to their nails. Imagine you can do that everytime you go CLUBBING! Isn't that cool??

Call 6536 7475 for details. Trust me, it's gonna be lotsa fun!

Click to view larger image

Friday, June 12, 2009

Oops!J New Colours!

The new range, which consists mostly matte colours, are beautiful! PLUS, they are quick drying, and contain 1% botanical essential oil for fragrance so that it doesn't smell like the conventional nail polishes.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nail Art by Mr. Deniz Lee Part 3

For the Sophisticated, Elegant Ladies
Look at how detailed his work is. He is just so talented...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DIY Nail Design

HaHa! A customer's first attempt in creating her own design! I think its beautiful....

I'm really amazed by how artistic and creative we human beings can be :)

Nail Art by Mr. Deniz Lee Part 3

Vogue Glamour

Honestly, the photos don't do justice to the glitter range from Galaxy and Temptation. The actual product is so so so much more glittery and shiny, especially under yellow lights. I think Oops!J has the best glitter range among all the other brands. It is also so intense, one coat is good enough to see the effects! Perfect for clubbing!
Using Galaxy G13 and G14

Using Galaxy G06 and G13

Galaxy G06, G07 and G15

Nail Art by Mr. Deniz Lee Part 2

Sweet Victorian

Using Sweeta S01, S02 and Galaxy G11

Nail Art by Mr. Deniz Lee - Pink Galore!

Deniz is a really good Nail Artist! He is so detailed and meticulous and he just knows what looks good on me. I'm really impressed with his work the very first time I saw him and he's responsible for my craze for Nail Art now!
Using Galaxy G15 and Sweeta S03

Using Galaxy G15