Thursday, October 8, 2009

Looking for new outlets!

It's been some time since I blogged! I've been busy lately on some new plans to explore selling Oops!J in more outlets! *excited* So readers, do give me some suggestions on where you prefer to find Oops!J, whether they are retail outlets or online, whether you are from Singapore or somewhere else, we want to hear from you!

Ok, so on a separate note, I'm always extremely grateful to one person who has helped alot in promoting Oops!J from the very start. He is Mr. Keith Png, owner of Hide and Seek, who is now a renowned fashion designer in Singapore. He has just finished the filmming of Fashion Asia on
Channel U and he designs Fann Wong's ROM dress and her bridesmaids' dresses! All thanks to him, Oops!J is getting really popular and in demand. Not forgetting Mr. Clarence Lee, Singapore's top and renowned make-up artist, for introducing Keith to me.

Now, some new nail designs on celebrities to share!

Requested by Joi, she feels this design makes her nails look like piano keys, cute!
Joi Chua (her new album is out, do support!) and Keith Png
Beautiful french design with glitter and crystals


  1. Penang dun hav any outlet yet!!!


  2. Hi, there will be! Call The Beauty Avenue to find ut more!