Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Trip to Oops!J Nail Parlour Taipei, Taiwan

Met up with my principal at their salon, Oops!J Nail Parlour in Taiwan. I've honestly not seen any nail salons in Singapore that look and feel as comfortable as Oops!J Parlour. It is a good experience and the prices are really value for money!
My travel mate trying Oops!J Spa Pedicure.
I didn't have the time to try :(

We Love Taiwan


  1. Hihi

    Came across your blog from your phamphlet distributed in kbox. May I know where Oops! J nail parlour in located in Taipei?
    Many thanks in advance!

  2. Sure, its locataed at 台北市的信義誠品六樓F (inside H Park)

    Local MRT/捷運: Taipei City Hall Station/市政府站

  3. Hi there.... does this salon do acrylic nails (ie. each nail is painted with a powder mixed with a chemical, to dry to a hard, strong nail, adhered to the real nail) ?

    I'm seeking a good nail technician who does this, as well as 'infills' (as the natural nail grows out, the artificial nail needs to be refilled at the base)...

    Please email me if you can, at

    Thanks... !

    Cheers, Jaya