Monday, September 21, 2009

Oops!J DIY Nailart Tips

Hi Readers!

How's your long weekend? I had non-stop singing sessions and had fun trying DIY nailart on my own using Oops!J! I know there are some nailart fans who spend their free time exploring nailart and there are some who are so hooked, they even take a full-time course to pursue their interest further!

While I try some nailart on my own, I realised how difficult this is. Just painting alone I can repeat over and over again just to get the perfect paint texture. So, I decided to just paint on nail tips and stick them on my nails (trust me, much much easier to paint on your real nails). Honestly, if it is not for the reason that I just want to burn some time over the weekend, I will REALLY prefer a nail expert to do this for me.

Tips for Nail Tipping:

1. Get a nail demo stand. You can buy this mostly in nail supplies store. They should cost about $5.
2. Buy a pack of nail tips. Korean-made tips have rather good quality. They usually come in 10 sizes in a pack. Measure the tips on your real nails to get the perfect size to match your nails. The trick is to find the closest so that they look natural and look like they are your own nails.

3. Tools for nailart. You will need a nail file to shape the nails to the shape you want. Buff the surface of the nailtip so that the paint can last longer. Use blu tack to stick the tips to the nail stand. Get ready your desired nail colours, an orange stick and nail glue to stick crystals, sequins etc on the painted nail tip and top coat to finish!

To help those who has not done nailart before, see some nailart tips (click on it to view larger image) below to create yours now!

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