Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oops!J Wonders - by Mr. Deniz Lee

Just got back from Hong Kong and thanks everyone for the overwhelming response to the Sept/Oct special promo!

Wanted to post this during my trip in Hong Kong but I totally had no time at all! Beautiful Nailart once again by Mr. Deniz Lee. Enjoy the pictures and email for enquiries!

S08 + G11
G08 + G11 + G13

W01 + W02

冰河蓝 + G11
摇滚黑 + G05
神秘紫 + G11

I seriously don't know what is wrong with my Twitterberry. I can't seem to post anything! Sorry for the lack of updates for those who are following my tweets!
By the way, anyone who has problems buying Oops!J from our retailers or has any feedbacks or complaints, kindly email us at We welcome any enquiries, suggestions, ideas, complaints(hopefully not) etc.